The Engineer's Cookbook – the one and only!

The Engineer’s Cookbook will be published in English in September 2007. Make your orders for delivery now or purchase the translation rights into your own language!

The Engineer’s Cookbook was published in Finland in Autumn 2005 and has been great success. By Christmas, it was the 2nd best-selling cookbook, 18th of all non-fiction books in the country, and in the Top Ten of the famous Academic Bookshop. The Swedish version was published in 2006.

200 x 200mm, 144 pages, hard cover, illustrated, price €34 (Finnish version retail price).

Praise for the Engineer’s Cookbook in the Finnish media:

"If at first, the worlds of the engineer and cookery seem far apart from each other, this book will quickly put your preconceptions to rest.” (Helsingin Sanomat)

”The engineer eats with sense.” (Vartti)

”The engineer simply understands things better than others and his approach to problems is the only right one.” (TEK)

”Bursting with humour, the book helps us to understand the engineer.” (BuildingSkills)

”The stylish illustrations of the book support its minimalist approach. A special thanks for the editing: the big publishers no longer produce books with this few mistakes.” (Technics&Economy)

”A good Christmas present for the engineer who already has everything!” (Construction Engineer and Architect)

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